Saturday, August 23, 2003

Marriage links this week  

College journalist J. J. Babb learns how his (her?) parents have made their marriage thrive for 25 years. A good example of how a strong relationship benefits the children it produces.

Anniversaries in the news
Mildred and Carl Albright of Norcross, Georgia celebrate 60 years.
Ruth and Wally Brown have been married 60 years, with a big, happy family to show for it.
Bill and Fon Ezell went on their first date when they were in 9th and 7th grade, respectively. They're celebrating their 50th anniversary by driving across the country in a 50th anniversary model Corvette.

CBS correspondent Steve Hart periodically throws a dart at a map and pokes his finger into a phone book to find an interview subject on the theory that Everyone Has a Story. Here's a story of a wonderful kind of love. Check out some of his other stories by following the links at the bottom of the page.

In a column in the Washington Post, a young Pakistani woman living in the United States ponders her conflicting feelings about arranged marriage.

Money problems ruin way too many marriages.

Marriage rates are declining. This may be why.