Friday, February 06, 2004

Reminiscence No. 2  

I often have the pleasure of hearing from someone who just discovered this site. Words of encouragement from new readers help keep me going and give me the feeling that others are encouraged by the things I have to say. I imagine new readers stumbling upon—perhaps from a Google search, perhaps from a link on another site—and finding it so exciting that they spend hours, maybe days, sorting through the archive links to make sure they haven't missed a single word of mine. It's not true, I know. Posts that I labor over just shuffle themselves into the archives never to be noticed again unless someone enters an odd combination of search terms into Yahoo.

But I think there are some gems in the past. That's why every six weeks I offer links to some of my favorite posts from four months ago. Here they are. Have fun, and please forgive this moment of self-indulgence.