Monday, March 29, 2004

Reminiscence No. 3  

Most blogs cover timely topics and, as such, their content has a fairly short shelf life. I try to make my posts more timeless since I want to be celebrating marriage for a long time to come. The number of visitors to this site has increased every month since I've started, though, which means that new visitors miss out on past posts that are as relevant today as they were four months ago, and as I hope they will be years from now. So every six weeks or so I indulge in a particular brand of egocentrism and highlight some of my favorite past articles, a practice based on the assumption that new readers are really missing out on good stuff if they don't browse the archives (and I'm not big-headed enough to think that anyone but maltagirl has ever actually done that). I've done this twice, calling attention to particular posts from the first twelve weeks of my blogging career. Here are some of the bright spots of weeks 13–18:

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