Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Kaleidoscopic life  

I read this earlier today and thought it was worth sharing here:

When sex is used destructively in a marriage it is both the consequence of and the creation of a spiritual problem, a void within us and our relationship. When sexuality is a healthy natural part of an intimate connection, it is an integral part of the whole relationship. Imagine looking through a kaleidoscope at all the color particles used to create a mandola [i.e., a circular pattern used in many cultures as a representation of spiritual ideas—Curt]. Imagine each color representing a facet of your life. One color represents your [spouse], another your family, another your friends, another your work, another your hobbies, and another is your sexual relationship. As you turn the kaleidoscope, the particles change, constantly recreating the design. Sexuality is simply a part of life, sometimes more in the forefront than other parts, and sometimes in the background. It provides color and beauty. It is neither a devil nor a god. It is a wonderful part of an intimate marriage relationship.

—from One Good Year of Marriage by Dr. David and Janet Congo