Monday, September 13, 2004

Cutting-edge Curt  

My tastes have never matched up with those of the masses. I don't say that to be snobby. In fact, I generally do end up getting into fads that infiltrate popular culture, but I tend to be a little behind the times. By the time I see the attraction in a craze that sweeps the nation, everyone else has forgotten it and moved on. I started absolutely loving The Far Side about a year before Gary Larson retired. I started pegging my jeans around 1992. I was groovin' with my Atari 2600 for just a couple of years before Nintendo started selling its NES with Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. My first VCR was a betamax, simply because I believed it to be a superior technology compared to VHS. I was a little ahead of the curve on the swing music craze, being a clarinet player and therefore a huge fan of Benny Goodman, but since swing's heyday was actually in the '40s, I was roughly 50 years behind the times with that one too.

On the other hand, I've been blogging for over a year. While that doesn't make me a pioneer, or even an early adopter, I find that a lot of people are only now beginning to be conscious of Web logs. So while I'm slow for a Web geek, I'm light years ahead of the general public for once.

I bring this up because I subscribe to a newsletter called The Generous Husband, a daily e-mail from the staff of The Marriage Bed, a Web site dedicated to "helping couples build better marriages and better marital sex lives with information that is scripturally sound and scientifically accurate." The newsletter offers short bits of advice each day concerning different ways a man can express love to his wife. Here's what today's message proposed:

Blogging is all the rage. Blog stands for weB LOG, an on-line diary of sorts. You can set up a blog for free (see below) and use it for what ever you like. Why not set one up as a place to write down all the wonderful things your wife does, and how they make you feel? Give her the URL so she can check in regularly to see the nice things you have said.

As far as I know, I was the first person to do this. I started blogging about marriage on August 20, 2003. That puts me ten days ahead of Proverbial Wife (who began her marriage blog August 30) and nearly two months ahead of Marriages Restored (Oct. 17). Those are the only other blogs I'm aware of that focus on marriage and the issues surrounding it. (Little House has been around a little longer, but it focuses more on parenting than marriage.) I started blogging because I wanted to read a blog that celebrated marriage, but couldn't find one. I'm kind of glad they both waited until after I had begun. Otherwise, I would have been content to read their posts every day without writing any of my own.

So I take a small measure of pride at being the first (that I know of), but I take a much greater comfort in keeping such good company. I know for sure that there are at least three people in the blogosphere who love their spouses enough to dedicate entire blogs to the contemplation of marriage. There are even more who post often, but not exclusively, about marriage and family issues. I can't wait to see if The Generous Husband's suggestion catches on.